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Life can be a struggle at times, and it’s easy to feel like we walk alone when going through our trials and set-backs. The truth of the matter–there is nothing new under the sun! So many people across the world have similar experiences. You are not alone! Share with Tiffany as she transforms your thinking about your current situation.

Booking Tiffany assures that your audience receives impactful teaching, resources, and skills that usher you into your greater purpose and destiny. She will show you how to use your struggles to slay doubt, defeat the seemingly insurmountable giants in your life, and reign triumphant over the snares that entrap your mind.

Experience authentic connection through Tiffany’s interactive keynote speeches that encourage audience engagement. Tiffany has turned her personal tragedy into public victory. Her story of workplace bullying and personal/professional mishaps will leave you feeling empowered to go the extra mile in order to receive all that life has to offer. Sharing up-close and personal space with Tiffany ensures that excitement is stirred and passion is revived. Leave her events with the motivation you need to press toward your personal and professional goals!

Signature Speeches

How to Stop Hating Your Job and Work Within Your Purpose

Talking points include but are not limited to:

  • Finding purpose under pressure
  • Effectively communicating with difficult colleagues
  • Quitting your 9-5 to pursue greater

Professionalism: It’s Not Just a Word. It’s an Action.

Talking points include but are not limited to:

  • How to combat unprofessional colleagues
  • Coping in a seemingly unprofessional environment
  • Understanding relationship dynamics

Tiffany will also craft motivational and inspirational speeches that fit the needs of your occasion. Submit the theme for your event and let’s get to work!

Tiffany is the perfect speaker for your

Previous Speaking Engagements Include the Following:
  • The Seven Last Words of Christ-Journey of Faith UMC
  • Let Me Be Great: The Significance of Goal Setting-LMBG Mentoring Program
  • Odessa Haywood Annual Cancer Gala
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