It’s hard to get started down a path towards your own personal greatness if you don’t take the daily steps necessary to achieve your desired outcome. I get it. Sometimes life takes over and it’s easier to work inside of something that is already established and get paid versus figuring out how to start something up on your own. However, if you keep living life in a safe space, you will continue to get mediocre results.

The Problem 

You do the hard work every day at your job.  Why can’t you do it for yourself?  You painstakingly obsess over details, working on someone else’s goal while your dreams, passions and desires are buried deeper and deeper by the day.  Putting all of your effort towards dreams of another only sets your path and plan further back.  Take the leap!  Dive in!  Plunge!  The essence of faith is only exercised through ACTION.  You must do something in order for God to move.  Faith is an action word.  We must not expect God to work on our behalf if we do not first show Him that we are willing participants in life.  Stop daydreaming and start walking in your purpose.  Actively pursue that which God has placed in your spirit.  All that you need is within you.

The Solution

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7).  Stagnation and stifled creativity are not God’s design, but man’s.  As long as you put one foot in front of the other and mobilize yourself, life will surely not pass you by.  We have the power to choose……what is your choice?

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Find your fashion (the way in which you uniquely convey yourself to the world).  Revive your passion (renew the excellence within and follow your God-given dreams/goals/aspirations).

-Transformation7 by Tiffany A. Washington

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