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Educators are all tired of the same old BORING trainings! You know the ones….where you sit…for hours…listening to someone speak at you instead of fully engaging your senses. Liven up your professional development with inspiring trainings that speak to the real needs of adults and students alike.

We specialize in serving under-privileged, low socioeconomic schools with teachers and administrators who desire results, but have a hard time finding them.

1. Successful schools start with cohesive teams.

The world of education is saturated with teams of women who oftentimes operate inside of dysfunction. This does not necessarily look like verbal combat or backbiting… though this is one format.

Dysfunction can also look like this:

o    Little to no authentic planning time with teammates
o    Ineffective communication within and across departments
o    Everyone wants to be “the boss” or wants to do it “their way”

Get your school on track with Transformation7’s team building training…

Interactive. Engaging. Refreshing. FUN!

2. Low-income neighborhoods and schools are plagued with systemic inequity which directly correlates with low academic achievement and student apathy.

Students come to school for the relationships they have built. They learn to love school and excel because of influential adults. Keep our scholars wanting more with high-level engagement strategies that simultaneously boost academic achievement and access higher-level thinking skills.

3. Administrators are riddled with excessive duties, often wearing many hats which divert focus from what’s important… COACHING teachers to execute better INSTRUCTION.

How else will a school grow if instruction is not the main focus? Though there are essential factors that need to take place for a school to run, instructional leadership is paramount. In order to be a greatly influential administrator, several things must happen.

o    You must build relationships with your teachers
o    You must be instructionally sound in order to build trust
o    You must give authentic and applicable feedback
o    You must do all of the aforementioned while continuing to wear multiple hats (with the recent budget cuts, this will not likely go away!)

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