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What it Takes to WIN at Work

Competition is a variable among women that has long divided efforts and diminished relationships in the workplace. Though there are likely just as may viable relationships between working women, it’s the negative ones that get twice the attention. Why is that? Based...

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Find Your Niche: Part 2

Carving your niche can yield some major satisfaction at work. However, that niche may be waiting in the form of a new opportunity. When considering your workplace niche, you cannot be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone and into a place that may...

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Find Your Workplace Niche: Part 1

What are you known for at work? What’s the one thing you do that compels everyone to seek your counsel? If you have yet to consider these questions, it’s time to start! When others begin to rely and depend on you for something, this is known as your niche. Niche: A...

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How to Have a Growth Mindset

When we tackle our dreams, we make critical decisions about how to respond when adversity arrives while chasing that dream. One of the first questions that likely crosses our minds is, “do I have the capacity to handle said issue?” If a task is particularly difficult,...

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What NOT to Talk About at Work

In the work world, we are always given feedback on what we are doing well. However, sharing what NOT to do at work is only shared at the surface level. If you want to keep your relationships in good standing at work, here are a few things that you absolutely should...

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What to do When You Feel Unsupported at Work: Part 2

Recognition in the workplace yields positive outcomes. This tool is a form of support that all employees need. However, some institutions are doing it all wrong. Luckily, there are ways for you to take control of how you garner this type of support. If you currently...

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Business Tips for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart! Whether you are a full-time business owner or a five-to-niner, sustaining a viable business is tough. In addition to working IN your business, there is also the task of working ON your business. To top things off, some...

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What to do When You Feel Unsupported at Work: Part 1

The truth of the matter is that no one accepts a job with a mindset of defeat at the onset of a new work experience. For professionals, we typically have a forward-thinking approach to work, showing enthusiasm and excitement for work that we enjoy. However, there are...

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated: Part 4

There are two final ways to keep that motivation at an all-time high! For my less organized professionals and entrepreneurs, you may not want to hear this, but you’ve got to: Set a Schedule I would even implore you to take it a step further and purchase a planner and...

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated-Part 3

Your journey towards success starts with knowing and defining the word for yourself. According to Webster's Dictionary, success is defined as "a favorable or desired outcome; also, the attainment of wealth, favor or eminence." What is your desired outcome in work,...

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated: Part 2

Success is found just beyond comfort. You've likely heard some version of this when built around your career or entrepreneurial motivations. Research shows that a certain level of discomfort is what motivates you to keep moving. Chasing after opportunities that fall...

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated: Part 1

Staying motivated is often a tough road, especially when we find ourselves disengaged with our career goals and seeking refuge from the disappointments of work and life. When you start to feel a bit uninspired, utilize these motivational concepts to help you pursue...

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Worry Does Not Yield Resolution

Webster defines worry as “think[ing] about problems or fears: to feel or show fear and concern because you think that something bad has happened or could happen.” What worry does not do is make your concern disappear. Worry increases anxiety, negatively affects your...

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Move! A Call To Action

It's hard to get started down a path towards your own personal greatness if you don't take the daily steps necessary to achieve your desired outcome. I get it. Sometimes life takes over and it's easier to work inside of something that is already established and get...

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