Finding Purpose and Passion

Greetings Transformer! Your desire to get clear on work life, personal purpose and passion has given us this special opportunity to connect, and for that, I am grateful. My name is Tiffany A. Washington, creator of the motivational YouTube series Two Minutes with Tiffany, and author of the upcoming devotional written for women who are dissatisfied with their work place.

I am also a motivational speaker, writer and work life and personal coach who helps frustrated people like you stop hating your job so that you can live a life you truly love! My desire to help others succeed in their work and personal lives sprung out of my personal struggle with workplace bullying. While working as an assistant principal in the public school system, I consistently encountered difficulty working with people who looked like me. Women, many with whom I shared comparable goals, dreams and desires, found ways to publicly embarrass and shame me without cause. For a brief period, I actually gave them permission to do so. Thankfully, I have used these unique experiences to help other women who struggle with similar issues on the job or hate their place of employment altogether for a myriad of reasons! Though it may seem a little cliché, I am a living testimony of how your mess can really turn into your MESSage. Because I enjoy empowering women, I am always open to share my full transformative message at your next event. You can find out more information on my connect page.

Marching Toward Greater

In order to constantly dwell within your place of peace and passion, you first have to know that you are already positioned to WIN! My goal is to help you accurately pinpoint your desires in order to celebrate your future VICTORY! I invite you to stick around my website and visit the blog so that you can experience the motivation needed thrive in the midst of any difficult situation. I mainly focus on topics regarding women in the workplace, purpose, passion, and motivation in general. Enjoy my free Guide to Purpose by subscribing to my email list. This free resource is the first step to helping you get clear about your passion. Once you grab the template and sign up to receive emails from me, I can inspire you with weekly insights, informative work life and personal blog posts, and video content that will assist you on this life journey. Signing up is risk free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Personal Beliefs and Goals

Each day, I utilize my leadership capabilities to inspire women into action in multiple career and personal arenas. I challenge all women at work across numerous professions to revive their passion for their current job and renew the vigor that they once had to achieve excellence within their sphere of influence. For those that currently hold a high level of disdain for their work or workplace, I assist with shifting you into a place that best fits your passion. Holistically, I seek to eradicate poor working relationships among women, inspire and uplift community and help women discover their purpose and passion. My goal is to achieve this through team building, personal and professional coaching, and professional development while inspiring all women to be their best selves.


Just in case the aforementioned didn’t quite satisfy the ins and outs of who I am, here is a bit more for you to reference.


  • I hail from the city of Houston, Texas where I served in education as both a teacher and Assistant Principal.
  • I earned my Masters of Education from The University of Texas, which at the time of my tenure was ranked number 2 in the nation for its Department of Education upon my graduation. My bachelors was earned at Dillard University, one of the top ten Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the nation.
  • Utilizing my skills as a Certified Cognitive Coach, I am dedicated to forging amenable relationships that drive positive results at work.
  • In my eight years of educational experience, I gained robust leadership encounters through serving in positions such as campus professional development facilitator and professional learning community organizer.
  • While working in multiple leadership roles such as seventh grade team lead, English Language Arts Department Chair, and new teacher mentor, I recognized the need for professional women to have a space dedicated to building and repairing working relationships while simultaneously opening avenues for women to better communicate within the workplace and beyond. Thus, the birthing of my desire to inspire women through personal and professional development and coaching.
  • Under the educational platform, through strategic professional development focused on teacher and student growth, each school and teacher I have worked with experienced considerable personal and academic achievement. Through multiple diagnostic instruments, including district snapshots and state standardized tests, I have a proven track record of success.


I am an only child… go ahead and say it… Yes, I was a little spoiled, but not a total brat! My mother serves as my greatest inspiration and strongest supporter. We both love good food! As many children believe, I also subscribe to the fact that my mama is one of the best cooks out there! Follow her on Facebook. She is pretty cool and inspirational, if I do say so myself. In my free time, I love going to concerts, checking out the latest fashion, people watching at the park, reading, and engaging in games made for kids… I am the queen of miniature golf and go-kart ridding!

What’s in a name?

Transformation7 by Tiffany A. Washington is designed with you in mind! Consider the life of a caterpillar. This creature starts out crawling…slowly…to each destination, unable to fully protect itself from predators because of its sluggish movement. Though it has many legs, it gets nowhere fast. However, the beauty in the caterpillar is not truly realized until it undergoes the delicate metamorphosis process. Encased in a cocoon, its body experiences a complete transformation. Once the process is complete, a gorgeous butterfly emerges! It is now capable of flying to each destination, and onlookers are awe-struck by its amazing beauty!

Just like the butterfly, we all have our moments of moving slowly through life, feeling unprotected from the storms that life brews. Yet, as we continue to live, our circumstances morph us into beautifully resilient human beings who serve as blessings to others who engage in our presence. The number seven (7) represents completion. It is the favorite number of many (including me) for this very reason! Seven marks the end. Think of this number as a symbol of old things passed away in your life and the start of something great!  Your current situation is not your final destination. Transition your thoughts towards the transformation of your life into a body of work to be admired. Live the life that makes you feel free and happy. You are strong. You are courageous. You are bold. You are a Transformer! Go forth and conquer all that you desire with zeal and passion.

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